Ep.59 - Stephen Gardner

Healing the World with Medical Cannabis

Stephen Gardner - Chief Marketing Officer

Episode 59 welcomes in Stephen Gardner, Chief Marketing Officer for Tikun Olam USA. A centuries-old phrase, tikun olam means 'healing the world', which is exactly what this company is doing with medical cannabis.

With strains that date back hundreds of years, Tikun Olam is one of the most advanced cannabis brands in the industry. The original company was founded in Israel and backed through mountains of research on the plant. As you may know, Israel is certainly more advanced in terms of the medicinal use of cannabis given that the American government has refused sanctioned testing on the plant for the last century. Because of the more progressive atmosphere, Tikun Olam has been able to dial in their strains and their data to offer some of the most specific information in the industry to date.

To make it even better, Stephen and his fellow entrepreneurs are highly motivated to make a difference in the stigma associated with cannabis.

Throughout this podcast, Stephen shares what makes Tikun Olam USA different, the problems in marketing an international brand in an evolving American market, and the personal reasons this industry is important to him.

To learn more about Tikun Olam USA, visit tikunolamusa.com/

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