Ep.46 – Jared Mirsky ~ Strong Cannabis Branding – What You Need to Know

Episode 46 of the podcast is all about branding.

To talk about branding in the cannabis industry we bring in Jared Mirsky, Founder and CEO of Wick and Mortar. Formerly Online Marijuana Design, Jared’s company has been working in and around the cannabis space for 10 years, and have won ‘Best Cannabis Design Firm’ two years in a row at the annual Dope Awards in Washington.

Throughout the show, Jared talks about his own company’s rebrand in addition to what good branding in the cannabis space is all about and some of the most common mistakes he sees people making in their branding efforts.

For more information on Wick & Mortar, visit their site www.WickandMortar.com

To check out their documentary ‘Rebranding Cannabis’ visit their YouTube page (link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRxdvvuy5zE&t=61s)

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