Ep.91 - Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research

Dr. Igor Grant Shares Past, Current, & Future Research

Dr. Igor Grant - Co-Founder of the CMCR

Episode 91 features Dr. Igor Grant, Co-Founder, and Director, of the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research. Dr. Grant is also a physician, neuropsychiatrist, and Distinguished Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UC San Diego.

The Center for Medical Cannabis Research was the first center in the country to do systematic research on medicinal cannabis.

If you're like us, then you constantly find yourself in the middle of a cannabis conversation, often times trying to present facts and quality information to those who are looking to educate themselves. Because of that, we got Dr. Grant on the show to talk about what science already knows about cannabis as a possible medicine, what we're currently looking to find out, and what studies are on the horizon.

If you have time, we highly encourage you to visit the link below so you can check out some peer-reviewed published studies on cannabis as a medicine so that you can enlighten yourself as what to say when people say there isn't any research or proof around medicinal cannabis.

It's important to point out that the CMCR is neither for or against medicinal cannabis applications, but rather they are a leading research facility dedicated to discovering what the science tells us.

To learn more about the CMCR, visit www.cmcr.ucsd.edu/

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