Ep.50 - Cullen Raichart

Engineering Affordable Solutions For Every Size of Cultivator

Cullen Raichart - Founder & CEO of GreenBroz Inc.

Episode 50 of the Rootd podcast welcomes back our longtime friend Cullen Raichart, the Founder and CEO of GreenBroz Inc., a world leader in automated harvesting equipment for the legal cannabis industry.

Cullen joins the milestone 50th episode to discuss the evolution of automation in the cannabis space, how GreenBroz is looking to change the game with their harvesting solutions, and what could be coming up for them in terms of new releases.

Cullen has been a fan, supporter, and sponsor of the show since day one and is the perfect guest to bring in to help celebrate our 50th episode.

To learn more, visit their site www.GreenBroz.com

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‘The Rootd Podcast’ is sponsored by GreenBroz, Inc and produced by PR420.

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