Ep.31 – Cullen Raichart ~ GreenBroz CEO Talks Dry Trimmer

In our 4-part series featuring GreenBroz CEO Cullen Raichart, we take you from the inception of GreenBroz all the way up to what the future looks like for this budding cannabis automated harvesting solutions company.

In part 2, Cullen host Tim Strombel talk about pitching for investment for the second time, securing initial funding, and how the only consistent in a startup business is change.

Coming up in part 3, Cullen discusses the differences between wet trimming and dry trimming, the GreenBroz sales model, and what is the hardest part of growing a startup company.

For any entrepreneur, this 4-part series is a must listen as we peel back the layers of this startup onion and find out exactly what it took to make this company a global competitor in the space.

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Work Hard. Be Humble. Stay Rootd.

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