Ep.83 - Deep Roots with Tommy Chong

Going deep with a legendary entertainer & cannabis activist
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Tommy Chong

Episode 83 of the Rootd podcast welcomes in entertainment legend, comedy legend, and cannabis activist Tommy Chong.

Tommy is the first guest on our 'Deep Roots' series, where we interview people whose ties to the cannabis space go way beyond that of business, transcending into activism, social reform, medicinal applications, etc, with the end goal being to learn more about how the industry got to where it is today and the role our guest has played.

Tommy might be best known as being half of the iconic Cheech and Chong duo that revolutionized cannabis culture in the 70s and 80s, but his span of work includes a ton of other projects.

Throughout this interview, we ask Tommy questions he doesn't normally answer in his typical interview, yielding answers that go further in depth than anything you have seen from him in the past.

Tommy was absolutely amazing to work with, more than generous with his time, and a wonderful host. We're very thankful for the chance to interview him at his home in Los Angeles and we hope you enjoy the interview as well!

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