Ep.25 – Matei Olaru ~ Behind ‘Lift’ One of Canada’s Largest Cannabis Brands

We talk a lot about legalization in America, the American cannabis market, and cannabis businesses in America, but what about our neighbors to the north?

What is the Canadian cannabis culture like right now? Well, one name is continuing to stick out amongst the rest when you talk about cannabis Canada, and that is Lift.

Known as ‘The meeting place for cannabis’, Lift is an independent Canadian company, unaffiliated with any licensed producer or government agency, with the goal to build a strong, supportive and influential patient-driven community by providing unbiased information, innovative tools, services, and support for Canadians looking to explore and purchase medical cannabis.

So to get to the root of the Canadian cannabis scene, who better to bring in than Matei Olaru, CEO of Lift.

Check them out at www.lift.co

Learn more about Lift Expo – Canada’s largest cannabis expo – liftexpo.ca/

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