Ep.27 – Prateek Dwivedi ~ Ehave Uses Real Data to Prove Medical Cannabis Works

On this show, we’re going to be talking about medical cannabis. It’s a term that is well understood and respected inside of the cannabis community, but at the same time can be scoffed at or ridiculed by those uneducated on the cannabis plant or endocannabinoid system.

That being said, how do you merge the two groups? How do you show the world that medical cannabis, is in fact, providing a tangible medical benefit to those who choose to apply it to their lives…or their children’s lives.

Well, one of the best ways you can prove that is with data…with science…the only problem with that being the limited resources and legal restrictions…since cannabis is still a schedule 1 narcotic here in America.

But what if we look elsewhere…say to our northern neighbors of Canada, to see what is developing up there…which is exactly what we’re about to do when we welcome in Prateek Dwivedi or Teek. Teek is the CEO of Ehave, a Canadian company that is empowering the mental healthcare community with a next-generation of data-rich tools designed to improve patient management, diagnosis, and treatment.

For more information on ehave…visit www.ehave.com

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