Ep.89 - DOPE CFO Uplevels Cannabis Accounting

Why What You Don't Know Might Kill Your Business
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Naomi Granger - CoFounder & COO of DOPE CFO

Episode 89 of the podcast welcomes in Naomi Granger, CoFounder and COO of Dope CFO, a company that's showing you the path to wealth and freedom in your cannabis accounting firm.

Naomi has years of experience working for the top mainstream firms in the United States, so when she left that career path to pursue her own venture in the cannabis space, she knew she could bring an exceptional level of expertise to America's toughest industry.

In addition to working with clients, Dope CFO offers the nations only accountant training program specifically designed for those who want to work with cannabis industry clients.

Throughout this show, Naomi and Tim talk about why this is such a vital subject to the industry, why an accountant needs to be specifically trained to work in the cannabis space, and why what businesses don't know they don't know is perhaps the biggest danger to them and the market right now.

To learn more about Dope CFO, visit www.dopecfo.com/

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