Ep.88 - Doctor Rick of Doctor Jane

How Medical Cannabis and CBD Work
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Doctor Luis Enrique R. Liogier-Weyback - How Medical Cannabis Works

Episode 88 of the Rootd podcast welcomes in Doctor Luis Enrique R. Liogier-Weyback, or Doctor Rick as we like to call him.

Doctor Rick is the Founder of Doctor Jane, South Florida’s most discreet, professional, and convenient medical cannabis practice. Through his practice, Doctor Rick provides one-on-one patient consultations where he works with patients to draft cannabis or CBD treatment plans that are tailored to his client's needs.

Throughout this interview, Doctor Rick discusses his extremely impressive past, which included playing college hockey at Navy, his medical training and qualifications, and what took him from mainstream medicine to working in the cannabis and CBD space.

To learn more about Doctor Jane, visit www.doctorjane.net/

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