Ep.60 - Derek Riedle

Civilized brings a fresh approach to cannabis content.

Derek Riedle - Founder and Publisher at Civilized

Episode 60 welcomes in Derek Riedle, Founder and Publisher of Civilized, where cannabis culture is elevated.

Derek brings a unique perspective to the cannabis space, sharing that cannabis consumers come in all different shapes and sizes, so the media that caters to the average cannabis enthusiasts shouldn't be pigeonholed into one style of content. Because of this, his company offers a wide range of content, not just based around the topic of cannabis like so many other media outlets in the space, but covering mainstream news in which cannabis enthusiasts would likely take an interest.

Throughout the show, Derek shares his journey to the industry, how he has grown the business that is Civilized (alongside his wife), and how his unique perspective on the media side of the industry has created a project that cannabis fans have eagerly embraced.

To learn more, check out their website www.Civilized.life

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