Ep.28 – Mike Weiss ~ Cannacopia App Makes Finding Cannabis Strains Easier

How do you do your research on which cannabis strain best suits your needs? Which strain will have the exact impact that you’re looking for?

In the past, most people would either count on their own experience or research, often staying in their ‘comfort zone’ and afraid to try new strains. Or perhaps they ask a friend or local budtender…who might know the answer…might not.

Well, one company wants to do all that work for you and make buying your cannabis as easy as ordering a Pizza online.

To talk about this problem, and more importantly, to talk about the solution to this problem, we welcome in Mike Weiss, Founder and President of Nature’s Dream, the creators of the Cannacopia App – which is, of course, available on iTunes and Google Playstore – or you can check them out at CannaCopia.com.

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