Ep.79 - Shmeeans & Sam D'Arcangelo

Cannabis Voter Projects Teams Up with Lettuce
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Shmeeans & Sam D'Arcangelo

Episode 79 welcomes in two guests for the first time on the Rootd podcast. Shmeeans, guitarist and musician from the band 'Lettuce' and Sam D'Arcangelo, Director of Headcount's Cannabis Voter Project, aimed at registering cannabis enthusiasts to vote.

Throughout this show, Shmeeans and Sam talk about Lettuce joining forces with the Cannabis Voter Project, why they are working so hard to register voters, and how fans of the band have supported the cause.

To learn more about the Cannabis Voter Project, visit www.cannabisvoter.info

To learn more about Lettuce, find tour dates, etc., visit www.lettucefunk.com/ 

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