Ep.75 - Alan Novotny

Game-Changing Cannabis Remediation Technology
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Alan Novotny - CEO of Purogen

Episode 75 of the Rootd podcast welcomes in Alan Novotny, CEO of Purogen (creators of 'The Box'), a company that is looking to greatly impact cannabis cultivation and the way cannabis is brought to market through their cannabis remediation, infusion, and rehydration technology.

Throughout this interview, Alan discusses 'The Box', his background in the medical field, and how The Box's cannabis remediation technology evolved from technology that had originally been developed for tissue sterilization and implemented in the medical field. This show is full of amazing information, techy jargon, and other great tidbits that are sure to have a big impact on the cannabis cultivation space.

To learn more about Purogen, visit their site at www.purogen.com

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