Ep.92 - Cannabis Marketing + Technology

Surfside CoFounder Jon Lowen Explains Unique Marketing Approach

Jon Lowen - CoFounder of Surfside

Episode 92 features Surfside CoFounder Jon Lowen, whose company combines the idea of cannabis marketing and advertising with the latest technology to target potential customers more accurately for their clients.

Though Surfside is a relatively new company to the cannabis space, Jon's versatile and unique background has created an excellent foundation for working in the cannabis space.

There are a number of cannabis marketing and advertising companies in the cannabis space already, each claiming to be the best, so we went into this recording looking for differentiators, things Surfside does that is unique to them, and to find out why people should look to them over the other options.

While we don't pick sides or tell you who is the best (that's for you to decide) we can say that Jon discusses a number of things we haven't heard before and, at the very least, he provided a number of differentiators that tell you why Surfside might be worth your time.

To learn more about Surfside, check them out at Surfside.io

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