Ep.57 - Eric Schlissel

Cannabis & Cybersecurity - How Safe is Your Data?

Eric Schlissel - GeekTek IT Services

Episode 57 welcomes in Eric Schlissel, Founder and CEO of GeekTek IT Services, one of the top cannabis data security platforms servicing the cannabis industry.

Why are we talking about data security on the show? Well, have you ever been to a dispensary and thought 'How safe is my information'? Then you are not alone. Since the cannabis industry is a young industry, there are many risks that come with data security and protection. Do you know how dispensaries are protecting your information? Are the protecting it at all? And what are some of the biggest cybersecurity threats facing the industry today? Eric answers all those questions, and more, throughout this show.

To learn more about GeekTek, visit their site www.GeekTek.com

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