Ep.26 – Marion Mariathasan ~ Simplifying Cannabis Compliance with Simplifya

If you’re familiar with the evolution of the cannabis industry over the last 5+ years, then the word ‘Compliance’ might be something you have heard more and more. But what does it mean? Why should you care? Who is working on this stuff?

We’ve recently had some questions about compliance submitted to our show, so we found an expert to come on and talk about the idea of compliance, as well as some technology that is making this tough, and at times murky, idea of compliance as easy as it has ever been.

Welcome in Marion Mariathasan, Founder and CEO of Simplifya.

Marion is a tech entrepreneur who started and sold multiple tech companies over the years in addition to a tequila company. Prior to investing and diving into the cannabis industry, Marion was heavily focused on social entrepreneurship.

Simplifya is a leading regulatory compliance tool for cannabis industry licensees and those who audit them.

Check em out @ www.simplifya.com

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