Anecdotal - Lance Lambert

Boveda's Director of Business Development Shares Medical Cannabis Journey

Lance Lambert - Director of Business Development at Boveda Inc.

Lance Lambert joins host Tim Strombel on Anecdotal, a Rootd podcast production, to discuss his medical journey and how it brought him to medical cannabis.

Lance is the Director of Business Development for Boveda, the global-leaders in 2-way humidity control. Throughout this interview, Lance mentions Boveda and their alignment on the value of medical cannabis, treating the plant as medicine, and spreading the word about the concept of medical cannabis as a whole.

Anecdotal is a spinoff series of Rootd, where host Tim Strombel interviews medical cannabis or CBD patients to share their stories and how medicinal herbs have impacted their recovery. Though these stories might only be deemed 'anecdotal' evidence, through sharing the message and spreading awareness, Tim hopes to bring more healing to others impacted by similar ailments.

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