Ep.87 - Andrea Brooks of Sava

From Medical Cannabis Patient to Cannabis Industry CEO
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Andrea Brooks

Episode 87 welcomes in Sava CoFounder 7 CEO Andrea Brooks.

Andrea first entered the cannabis space a few years ago when a debilitating injury had her bed-ridden and in constant pain. After months of prescription pills and no signs of improvement, Andrea turned to medical cannabis and experienced an improvement in her health that surprised just about everyone, her doctors included.

So, once Andrea was recovered enough to get back to work, she founded Sava so that she could do her part to help others by ensuring quality cannabis products were available to those who need them.

Throughout this episode, we discuss her medical history with cannabis, what Sava is all about, and what drives her company to provide the excellent services they offer to their clients.

To learn more about Sava, visit https://www.getsava.com/

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